Stylish, Organic,

Introducing Brown Design Group

Established in 1998, Brown Design Group is one of California’s leading residential and commercial interior design firms with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Our passion for creating stylish, organic and contemporary spaces is matched by the efficiency and creativity we bring to every project. Through a combination of modern and rustic elements, and clean lines, Brown Design Group embodies twenty-first century California living in a way that rejuvenates and inspires.

To meet the highest standards of our discerning clients, we design custom furnishings, amenities and fixtures, source from within the industry and even travel to Europe and South America to scour for unique elements and furniture. Our experience with full-scale building and design sets us apart from other designers. We pride ourselves on being well versed with an array of design principles that the architecture of the project may demand.

Thank you for your interest in Brown Design Group.



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